10 Things About Digital Marketing You May Not Have Known

10 Things About Digital Marketing You May Not Have Known

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
February 11, 2022

There is nothing to deny in the fact that digital marketing is critical to the success of any firm, regardless of its industry. So, what are some digital marketing best practices we can learn from larger (and better-funded) companies?

Many businesses have been compelled to recognize the significance of digital marketing in attracting new clients as a result of the pandemic. According to eMarketer, digital marketing will expand by 36% from 2020 to 2022, accounting for 54% of marketing budgets!

Why? Because digital marketing allows us to see what clients desire firsthand. With the rise of digital marketing data, tools, analytics, and software, it’s much easier to see and adapt to actual online customer behavior.

Businesses can now acquire valuable insights into their customers’ brains thanks to digital marketing. Incrementors provide you with all the on-page and off-page SEO solution that helps you grow your business.

Digital marketing tactics and techniques, such as search marketing, are, on the other hand, the most effective ways for firms to stay relevant in today’s environment. These data can offer you an idea of what to expect if you’re thinking about adopting digital marketing as a strategy but aren’t sure if it’s a good idea.

What Is Today’s Definition of Digital Marketing?

The use of the internet, social media platforms, websites, emails, and all of our electronic devices to get your business found by new clients is known as digital marketing. As more individuals utilize the internet and social media platforms to work and play, digital marketing is on the rise.

In today’s digital environment, marketing is all about interacting with potential customers at the right time and place, earning their trust, educating them on the newest trends, and pitching your company as a solution to their problems.

10 Things About Digital Marketing You May Not Have Known

This means you must be found, shared, and develop your business on the terms of your buyers, where they spend their time and with the answers to their queries.

The Majority of people think of native ads as articles

The Digital marketplace has a variety of advertisements. Consumers have grown accustomed to them, and some have acquired an aversion to them.

By displaying ad material in the style of an article, businesses can easily catch the attention of consumers who despise pop-up ads.

Importance of Email Optimization

According to estimates, over 55% of emails are now opened on a mobile device, necessitating email optimization for mobile devices.

Implementing digital marketing is not inexpensive

Creating a website, digital adverts, and marketing efforts are all part of digital marketing. It also extends to having a strong social media presence. The competition for digital marketers is very strong, and firms need the brightest minds and more resources to stay ahead of the game. Budgeting is really important.

B2C and B2B marketing are still popular on Facebook

Facebook has a large number of active users. It is a platform that helps us cater to the market by creating content that can directly reach the end-users. Facebook is still one of the most widely used social media platforms for B2C and B2B brand promotion.

After watching a video advertisement, half of the Internet users take action

Brands that are yet to use video in their digital marketing plan may be lagging behind from the huge potential the market carries. Video attracts greater attention than any other type of content available. After watching a video commercial, 45 percent of customers are inclined to take action.

The top 1000 keywords are insufficient

The top 100 and even top 10,000 keywords still account for a small portion of total search traffic. That basically means that even if you dominated the top 1000 keywords on search engines, you’d still be missing out on roughly 90% of the total search traffic.

In mobile ads, the majority of advertisers employ location targeting

Businesses are increasingly using geo-targeted mobile ads to reach customers wherever they are. These advertisements enable businesses to target people in a certain geographic area who are probably interested in their products. This is something that at least 70% of businesses do.

Digital marketing evolves in tandem with technological advancements and consumer behavior

Although the foundations of marketing, such as customer reach and satisfaction, are consistent, the manner in which these principles are delivered to consumers is constantly evolving. Every day users are engaging with new technologies and are upgrading their lifestyle by engaging with the marketer directly.

Streaming in real-time

The use of live streaming platforms such as Periscope and Twitch is on the rise. Many businesses have dismissed them as fads that don’t need to be taken into account.

Despite this, digital marketers have been able to transform them into cash cows. Customers want to see what’s going on inside a business, so don’t underestimate their desire to see what’s going on.

While we can’t provide you with specific advice on how to use live streaming to promote your business, we can say that it’s something to keep an eye on. Digital marketing is about to become more engaging than it has ever been, and harnessing the power of live streaming will be a big part of that. You can contact Incrementors and know about their digital marketing strategies.

Changes to Google’s Algorithm

Google had been changing its algorithm more than 200 times each year on average.

Many surveys and analyses have been undertaken to establish the search engine market share, and the percentages in different reports vary. The one thing they all had in common was Google’s dominance over all other search engines. According to the research, results for February 2016, Google accounted for 64 percent of all searches.

Bing searches account for about 21% of all searches, followed by Yahoo! searches, which account for 12% of all searches. According to the same survey, other search engines have a modest percentage of global searches, including Ask Network with around 1.6 percent of market share and AOL, Inc. with less than 1% of market share.

Final Thoughts

Because digital marketing trends change all the time, firms must stay on top of them to stay successful. These statistics provide you with a better understanding of the sector and aid in the development of the ideal marketing approach.

Brands may readily explore the various possibilities to build and increase the efficacy of their plans by considering these digital marketing facts. Putting these tips to better use can help you achieve tremendous success.

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