10 Tips to be competitive and win real money in Fantasy Cricket

10 Tips to be competitive and win real money in Fantasy Cricket

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February 15, 2022

Fantasy cricket has become the most popular thing to talk about in recent times.

Avoid making result-oriented team selections, choose cricketers according to their talent and abilities rather than their current performances.

Millions of people are addicted to fantasy cricket and with tips like these, you stand a better chance of being among the regular winners.

Master these fantasy cricket tips to outrun your rivals and bag a fair share of the prizes on offer while enjoying the match at home with all your friends.

Learn how to successfully play Fantasy Cricket with pro tips

Regardless of whether you pick players purely from gut feeling or keep up with data and numbers, the game isn’t as easy as it looks.

There are a few strategy changes that you can use to win more fantasy leagues, though.

Focus on the weaker players in your fantasy cricket league and combine them to maximize potential winners.

For example, pair a player who will rotate their spot and one in-form player.

You might think that you do not have time to learn all the intricate details of fantasy cricket like choosing the perfect 11 players, but this isn’t true.

With expert analysis and in-depth data science, you can pick the best possible players for your team like a pro.

Follow these 10 Fantasy Cricket Tips to get better at what you need to practice and make your wins even bigger!
  • Check Player Performance

  • If a person has just scored the first double century in his career, you should consider that person even if they has not always been successful.
  • A player’s recent form and performances are equally important to consider at Fantasy Cricket Tips.
  • As with all fantasy sports, focus on the one-off game when picking a player, since your winnings and losses depend directly on the outcome.
  • In a league with money involved, select only high-quality players as they will be significantly more reliable.
  • Additionally when selecting your team choose a well-rounded lineup of batsmen and bowlers.
  • Analyse Weather and Pitch Report

  • If you’re struggling to get the win with your fantasy cricket XI, thinking that spinners and swing bowlers are vital then think again.
  • Analyze all the information before making a choice such as how the ground is, what time of day it is, and how much water the pitch has absorbed
  • Analyzing weather and pitch reports is not one of the biggest budgets in cricket as many fantasy players do not involve this.
  • If you are at a slow and dry surface and an afternoon game, then pick pitching steeds instead of swingers.
  • Selecting Top Order Batsmen

  • Selecting capable top-order batsmen in your fantasy cricket squad is one of the best tactics for ensuring you win big money.
  • Seasoned players are good in most formats and, since they often have the opportunity to face more deliveries than other positions, their natural talent for scoring runs is a boon.
  • For this reason, it’s likely that even the least talented of batsmen will have a higher probability of scoring big runs than usual.
  • Choosing Captain and Vice-Captain

  • As fantasy leagues rely on the founder’s time and input, success can be tough to have when your captain and vice-captain are not performing up to expectations.
  • To ensure that you pick the right candidates for these two positions, be sure to know what tasks they need to perform in your league.
  • It would be helpful if both selectors work together because only one is allowed per team.
  • You should look at the current well-performing players in your personal capacity before deciding on final selections.
  • Fantasy Cricket Tips for Today’s Match

  • With these Fantasy cricket pro tips, you’ll always be prepared for any last-minute changes.
  • You’ll have the ability to hone in on the pick of players and keep up with short lineup time slot changes thanks to these quick suggestions.
  • These Fantasy Cricket tips for matches ahead guarantee success when you grab your fantasy cricket bat.
  • Toss and Making Last-minute Changes

  • There are a limited amount of windows to make any last-minute changes so it is important that you closely monitor the recent International T20 or Twenty 20 match results to see who is on who, and what could work for your team.
  • Then, you can assess whether your fantasy squad is in shape for cash and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Creating Multiple Teams

  • To win your fantasy cricket, you need to create multiple teams. This way, even if you lose a contest, you can bank on another team gaining ground in a different contest.
  • By maintaining multiple teams, there is no competition for playing time, and fairness is prioritized.
  • Since there isn’t an end to contests in most fantasy cricket apps, you can always go for the creation of multiple teams.
  • Latest Updates and Announcements About the Teams

  • Always watch the development of your favorite team’s squad.
  • You can know what the upcoming changes will be, who the coach will be, etc., for improved performance and the ability to win real money.
  • Checking the Latest News About the Players (Injury, Position, etc.)

  • Locking down player injuries and lineup changes could mean huge differences in your fantasy team’s ability to win.
  • David Miller is one of the estimation’s top-performing batter who had a 100 off 65 ball outing before getting injured.
  • With batting positions becoming a major factor, know these key players that can take you all the way to glory- but only if you opt for plenty of them.
  • Tips on Building a Team to Win in Fantasy Cricket: Bowlers, WK, and Fielders

  • Make sure to pick a player from each category so that you can maximize points.
  • Look for good all-rounders to fill out your team, since those will earn a good number of points due to the top four positions on their roster.
  • Seek out wicket-keepers who can gather points as both batsmen and keepers, since they have more matches in a match.


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  • In order to beat your opponents and unlock a fantasy cash prize, choose the best batters for the conditions and practice your ground batting and bowling skills until you win.
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