10 Ways Great Design Will Transform Your Content Marketing Strategy

10 Ways Great Design Will Transform Your Content Marketing Strategy

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
March 23, 2022

You’ve built an editorial schedule, defined your target profiles, and spent hours researching and creating the right content for your consumers. Are you ready to step up your content marketing efforts? That’s not the case.

Content marketing is becoming more competitive and crowded. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 survey, 77 percent of marketers use content marketing as part of their strategy. In 2016, 76% of respondents planned to boost their content output.

With so much information competing for your audience’s attention, marketers need more than just good writing to stand out.

Consider leveraging the design and visual storytelling to set your material apart from the competition as you build your content marketing strategy.

What is design-led content marketing?

Your marketing plan will be elevated to the next level if you can find the junction between design and content marketing. Design-led content marketing is simply looking at your material from a visual standpoint to ensure that it isn’t just words doing the heavy lifting.

Simple copy-based articles are simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the variety of content formats accessible to marketers. Infographics, movies, quizzes, how-tos, cartoons, animations, webinars, and so on are all available.

And visual content makes up the vast majority of content forms. Even the most basic blog post necessitates careful design considerations for the text to come alive on the screen.

10 Ways Great Design Will Transform Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Let’s see what are the 10 best content designs that will transform your content marketing strategy

  • Boost Brand Recognition

Consistency is a valuable asset. To change the way your organization and clients are perceived, you must create a golden threat across all touchpoints using diverse design components.

Your brand color and typography must be applied consistently throughout all communication and marketing materials.

  • Amid the crowd, make a statement

Content marketing is a crowded field, with 91 percent of B2B companies using it and 86 percent of B2C marketers recognizing it as an important client-acquisition strategy.

It can seem tough to stand out in a world when so much information is produced every day.

Your ability to stand out becomes increasingly important to your success.

Because just 30% of marketers create their photos, including unique and creative design elements could be a wonderful way to stand out.

  • Select your narrative

The narrative, or tale, is usually the starting point for design-led content marketing. Most designers are tempted to utilize content to demonstrate a new platform or the current novelty, then build a story around it.

Quality content, on the other hand, will start with the message and use design tools and methods to bring that tale to life in the most believable yet imaginative way possible.

  • Persona centric

According to researchers, 46% of design leaders build stronger relationships with their consumers. Businesses that seek an emotional connection with their customers rather than a strictly pragmatic one will be rewarded with consumer loyalty.

Personas are the foundation of customer journey maps. So, hopefully, you’ve done some personal research already. Start by workshopping your target customers/personas and conducting some market research if you haven’t already.

Customers are interviewed to learn about their online goals, difficulties, and pain spots, and complete profiles are created.

  • Provide value

Focusing on customer success and providing value can promote brand loyalty and client retention, which can lead to increased sales over time. Incorporating visual design elements into your content will increase the amount of value you provide.

  • Customer perceptions will improve

No one will stay long enough to see if your post offers important information if it is tough to read. On the other side, innovative web designs can be used to create a one-of-a-kind consumer experience that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Get more people to participate

When content is well-designed and incorporates high-quality photos, it increases engagement. Reader engagement and social sharing will both rise if you include innovative, attractive photographs.

  • Subconsciously increase sales

The subconscious mind is responsible for 96% of purchase decisions. Design elements that present strong emotions, such as strong color selections and striking pictures, might influence the subconscious to make decisions that benefit you.

  • Determine who your ideal customer is

Because 82 percent of marketers claim content developed for a persona is more effective, creating a comprehensive persona of your target customer is a vital stage in any content marketing plan.

This persona should include and explain to your team members precisely who you’re developing content for. Engagement and conversions will hamper if your content does not resonate with your ideal audience.

  • Boost your SERP rankings

Your search engine rankings will rise as a result of the great design of your overall site and content, which will lead to more customers.


It’s no longer enough for marketing teams to function in isolation in today’s competitive online world. High-quality design not only helps you attract new followers but also helps you maintain long-term relationships with your current ones.

Content marketing agency services at Incrementors are what you need to gain a lot of customers’ attention. If your content is uninspiring, it will inevitably be lost in the online quagmire.

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