Brazilian Coffee Bean Characteristics that Make them Special

Brazilian Coffee Bean Characteristics that Make them Special

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In General, Published On
February 10, 2022

Some people have the idea that Brazilian coffee beans are not among the best beans in the world. Think again.

While it’s true that Brazilian coffee beans are harvested in large quantities, that doesn’t necessarily mean quantity over quality. In fact, Brazilian coffee can be every bit as tasty as beans from other regions. Though the actual taste will depend upon how and where the beans were harvested or prepped.

There are many superior coffee beans in the world that comes from Brazil.

Here are some facts about Brazilian coffee and the characteristics that make them special and unique.

Brazil is the Largest Producer of Coffee Beans

Brazilian Coffee Bean Characteristics that Make them Special1

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee beans in the world and it has retained this position for over more than 150 years. This means that most people in the world are consuming Brazilian coffee rather than any other coffee beans.

Overall, Brazil produces almost a third of all coffee produced globally. Brazil thus holds this superior position in the world coffee market and is such a major player that if there’s a hiccup in Brazil’s coffee production it can affect the world coffee market and prices hike.

A Taste loved by All

As Brazil is the largest producer of coffee beans in the world, many believe that it focuses only on quantity. But the fact is that Brazilian coffee has characteristics that people from all over the world just love. Think of it in this way. A third of world coffee drinkers must not be appreciating bad coffee beans.

Brazil actually produces great-tasting coffee that drinkers around the world love to savor on. There are several producers that look up to Brazilian coffee for preparing espresso blends. Brazilian coffee comes with flattering caramel and chocolatey notes with low bitterness and acidity that people from all around the world just love to consume.

Diverse Taste Profiles

Brazil has 14 coffee-producing regions in seven states and unlike other coffee-producing nations, Brazil’s coffee is much diverse in its taste profiles. If you look at a Brazilian coffee bag, you might see the growing regions mentioned on it. For example, you might see Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, or Espirito Santa printed on the coffee bag to denote the area that it is coming from. And the taste profile of coffee from these regions differ from one another. You also get experimental varieties of coffee in Brazil, such as Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Icatu, Catutai, to name a few.

Ideal, Natural Processing

Brazilian climate has long periods of sunshine with sporadic rains and that makes it ideal for the natural processing of coffee beans. This type of processing can bring out the characteristics of the coffee beans much more clearly and profoundly. That’s the reason why most of Brazil’s coffee is unwashed or natural or semi-washed or pulped natural. The natural process consists of picking up the ripe cherries and then dried without removing the skin or mucilage. This process adds body, complexity, sweetness, and smoothness to the taste profile and thus makes for a great cuppa coffee for you to enjoy.

Brazilian Coffee is Delicious and Popular

For many coffee consumers around the world, Brazilian coffee represents a delicious cup of coffee. And with a third of the world consuming Brazilian coffee, there are no signs of supply or demand going down anytime soon.

With newer harvesting techniques adopted in Brazil, the production of high-quality coffee is only going to increase as it seems. Today, as more people find out that a cup of Brazilian coffee can be much tastier than their go-to cup, the demand for Brazilian coffee is only to increase.

Brazilian coffee is sweet and has low acidity and regardless of what people think, Brazilian coffee is lovely in taste.

So, if you are looking to taste superior coffee beans, you can always go for Brazilian coffee for a rich and smooth experience.

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