Effective Revenue Cycle Management Benefits

Effective Revenue Cycle Management Benefits

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July 11, 2022

The process of medical billing, as well as coding, can be complex. In many medical practices, they can be quite overwhelming when coupled with the other duties that your staff members are responsible for. If this is the case for the practice you run, then a well-planned income cycle management (RCM) system might need to be put in place to aid your practice in operating more efficiently and improving cash flow.

The different parts of the cycle work together, which can add levels of difficulty to practice management. Medicare MSO is the reason for outsourcing your RCM processes to a team of healthcare billing professionals and is a vital component of your business management strategy.

Medical Billing Solutions

Effective Revenue Cycle Management Benefits Your Practice With Medical Billing Solutions

6 Ways to Make Your RCM More Efficient

  • Improve Verification of Patient Accounts

Patients’ accounts cover a multitude of factors, ranging from medical history and postal addresses to insurance and demographics. The need to streamline everything is not just for revenue generation but also to improve the experience of patients. This will improve the quality of healthcare and facilitate an overall process.

  • Implement Technology to Improve the Billing Process

If you’re not using technology to its fullest capacity, it’s likely that your business is not working efficiently. Make sure you update your systems or install new ones to ensure that tasks like claim capture and charge submissions can be handled quickly and with greater accuracy.

Other areas that can be improved include:

  • Summary of charges
  • Receipts
  • Adjustments
  • Analyzing accounts receivable

When you send patients their bills sooner in the future, you will have a greater chance of receiving the payment on time. This also allows insurance companies to receive bills quicker so that in the event of an insurance claim being denied, you will have time to reconsider the claim.

  • Provide Unmatched Customer Service

This might not seem important to RCM. However, consider that you have many locations your patients could go to for their healthcare, so make sure you ensure they receive the best healthcare, but also the most efficient customer service. Instruct patients and make them aware of when they should visit for follow-ups.

Also, make sure to manage your time properly – don’t make it too busy to cause patients to have long waiting periods. Also, make sure you leave enough space in your schedule to accommodate urgent or emergency cases as well as referrals. You’ll be amazed at how this affects your RCM.

  • Take Advantage of Cash Flow Opportunities.

If you offer exceptional service to your customers, they are more inclined to follow up with you often, demonstrating the many potential cash-flow opportunities that are regularly presented. With an outsourced team of medical practice management experts to point out these easy, but often missed opportunities to improve revenue, these opportunities could be maximized as you focus on the area of your expertise, which is the care of patients.

  • Expert Revenue Cycle Claim Scrubbing

Minor mistakes can result in large losses, which is why it’s vital that data is properly coded and reports and analyses are conducted in a timely manner. The processing of claims can be faster, and insurance companies can pay faster. Additionally, claims denials are decreased and reimbursements are prompt. Find out more about the management of revenue cycles on Wikipedia.org.

  • Minimize Gaps in the Cash Flow Cycle

As well as ensuring that insurance companies and patients pay their bills on time and faster, the amount of outstanding invoices your practice is owed in account receivables(which is an area that’s very easily overlooked, must be kept as low as possible. It can be managed with thorough and frequent follow-ups on the non-payment of bills, sending out multiple statements in periods of billing, and remaining up-to-date with the delinquencies as well as claim denials.

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