Top 10 Best Study Destinations That You Should Know

Top 10 Best Study Destinations That You Should Know

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February 2, 2022

Studying abroad has been a dream for many students since their childhood. To have a promising and advanced career in the future, the individuals aim to keep their eyes at the top. Many students also prefer studying abroad to connect with different cultures and people. This is where the students studying abroad come before competition.

Studying abroad is a goal that many people have, but it may also be confusing. Each country offers a unique set of opportunities. Everyone promises a plethora of benefits like a better lifestyle, better career chances, and, for a select few, even immigration and permanent residency. So, while we consider the world and the numerous nations that offer appealing packages, how can we pick the ideal study abroad destination?

They know how to cope with the continuously changing surrounding. If you are a student with an extreme ambition to study abroad, the author from assignment writing services hopes that this article will be helpful. Just take a look.

Top 10 Best Study Destinations That You Should Know

  • USA

10 Best Study Destinations

We all know that the USA is a top destination for abroad studies as most international students keep the USA on their top priority list. This immense popularity has not come overnight but because the USA believes in providing high-quality education to its students. Twenty-eight institutions are there in the list of the most reputed ones, where 5 of those have made the position in the list of top 10 and MIT preserving the topmost institution. One might not even think of the number of opportunities he would get while studying in the USA.

  • The United Kingdom


The United Kingdom comes in the second position of this list, having 17 universities amongst the top 100 and 4 in the top 10 universities globally. The UK has several renowned universities like ‘The University of Cambridge’ and The ‘University of Oxford’, ruling over hundreds of years. In this respect, it is notable that the UK knows and respects the choice of several international students, which also assists the country in maintaining the best position.

  • France


Some of the most talented artists and philosophers praised globally are prominent examples of the capabilities of France as an abroad study location. If you are fascinated with France’s glory and tradition, thus possess the dream of having higher education in this country, France will be the best for you. France has four universities amongst the top 100 globally with other 35000 institutes. Another plus point of choosing France as a study destination is that the rates of tuition classes are meager with high chances of executive jobs.

  • Singapore


Singapore is on the way to becoming one of the most desirable study destinations for international students. 2 of only six universities have made their positions in the top 15 universities worldwide. Despite it, Singapore has pocket-friendly living arrangements. Declaring English as the primary language of education, the country became beneficial to many international students.

  • Germany


The low-cost education system comes on the top facility of Germany amongst its many other advantages. Tuition-free courses are available for international and local students on UG and PG courses from most of the German institutes. Germany has three institutions amongst the top 100 universities, and several courses mainly focused on science and technology along with business sectors in the preferable language ‘English.’

  • South Korea

South Korea

South Korea is continuously developing itself with the continuous growth and development within innovation and research sectors. This country provided a unique education system for many years resulting in the 6th rank of the institutions amongst the top 100 universities globally. Students interested in tradition and culture might experience suitable mixtures in the high-quality lifestyle.

  • Switzerland


The continuous development and extreme investments in research works have forced Switzerland to snatch the title of the most innovative country. Notably, this country is one of the cleanest cities in the world. Switzerland possesses three universities amongst the top 100 while one has made its place 8th in the world. The appealing environment, the welcoming cultures might attract you if you are looking for a destination like this.

  • China


It is not a big surprise for us to know that China is among the top 10 best study destinations for international students. This country is known as the leading country in the economy while setting a competitive edge in the education system. China has six universities amongst the top 100. Besides getting an advanced degree from the topmost universities, a student studying in China might learn the Mandarin language if he wants.

  • Australia


Australia is regarded as one of the most diverse countries with beautiful territories globally. Australia has 7 of the top 100 universities. Every year, more than 7lac international students visit this country to take the opportunities for low-cost living and an ideal study environment. Australia is a country that tends to embrace new technologies fast. Studying in Australia will attract the vision of your recruiter.

  • Japan


Last but not least, Japan has made its position on this list, being one of the most advanced countries in the world. Japan provides every international student with high standard living styles and advanced career opportunities. Japan possesses five universities amongst the top 100 in the world. A student who dreams of studying in Japan will undoubtedly experience some great hospitable environments.

The Bottom Line

The experts have compiled a list of the most incredible destinations in the world to study abroad in 2022 based on the top reasons for studying abroad, as determined by students who value finding the perfect destination country over a program or institution.

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