An Office Appropriate Necklace for Short Collars

An Office Appropriate Necklace for Short Collars

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September 17, 2022

Since working from home is back as well as the need to dress to impress. Dressing for the office can be a daunting task, particularly with so many factors to think about: your commute, whether there’s any dress code for the workplace, and your personal private style. One of the most important aspects to consider when styling workplace attire is to appear not only professional but also well-put together. You’ll want to appear elegant and polished, and you would like your individual style to be reflected and prominent.

A key consideration is to take care to work and wear an office wear necklace that matches your outfit’s neckline. A majority of office outfits such as shirts and dresses have a neckline that is closed and a shorter collar. This means that you’re basically left with an unfinished or even a patterned surface to style your necklaces. Making necklaces look stylish on a shorter collar can be fun. Once you’ve followed the best practices you’ll find it an easy task to complete.

guide for styling necklaces for Office

Collar length

As a rule, one of the most obvious options of necklaces to wear with short collars in the workplace is collar-length necklaces. They are typically between 12 and 14 inches in length and rest on the bottom of the neck, in the collarbone. It is best to choose necklaces made of basic silver or gold and that’s enough. They look elegant and simple. Necklaces of this length when worn with a shorter collar provide a casual and easy appearance. It’s professional and doesn’t seem like you’ve worked hard it’s really easy. It’s one of the most simple ways to dress your work attire.


If you’re looking to take your work attire then you could combine the collars of your shirt with the addition of a choker. A choker can add visual contrast to your outfit and is elegant. It is also possible to pair the choker with a collar necklace for a more layered style. Make sure you keep it uniform whether it’s with the material of the necklace, or the designs so that they don’t mix. A simple choker can be styled with a pendant that has the length of a collar chain and it appears more stylish and modern.


If your personal style is more traditional and you don’t want to appear like you’ve spent long hours searching for the appropriate accessories for your work attire Necklaces and chains with princess lengths are the ideal choice for you. They are usually 17-18 inches long and are placed right below your collar bone, or over the chest. They are versatile as they allow you to dress your office clothes up when you have an important event to attend or wear them more casually, in case it’s just a regular working day. They look great with collared shirts with formal skirts or dress shirts.

Matinee length

A necklace that is a matinee length usually measures between 20 and 24 inches. It sits between the collarbone as well as the bust. It’s a longer necklace design. This length of the necklace does not just look great alone however, it also works well when layered. It can be layered with a choker and a princess necklace to create a sophisticated style. Mixing and matching pearls gold-plated necklaces is a great method to boost the class and style of your whole appearance. This is particularly effective for short collars as it’s not just an open canvas to embellish over, but also short collars are very stylish to gaze at.

Like all accessories selecting the pieces you put on to match your outfit becomes more easily when you are more comfortable with it. When it comes to office attire it is important to make sure that you’re wearing pieces that aren’t distracting your attention and can be worn comfortably. Also, investing in top-quality pieces, even if it’s fake jewellery, will guarantee the longevity of the jewelry and be secure for wearing on a regular basis. You can mix various metals and mix different styles, whichever works for you.

When it comes to dressing for work and necklaces in particular it is possible to find a stylish way to achieve the sophisticated, smart, and boss style you wish to wear. Our advice is foolproof and you’ll be at you’re at your best, and therefore perform your best work performance.

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