Make your car rental experience satisfactory in Dubai with the ultimate tips

Make your car rental experience satisfactory in Dubai with the ultimate tips

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March 17, 2022

Exploring a city like Dubai by owning rental cars is the best thing. Dubai is a city with tons of glorious sites on every corner, and renting a car eases your way for traveling. For the ultimate car rental tips to satisfy your traveling experience, keep reading the guide till the end.

Top tips to make car rental experience satisfactory

Affordable service lets you rent a car

Dubai is a paradise for sightseers who want to capture the moment above Burj Khalifa, shopping in the Dubai Mall, and an abundance of other activities. Renting a car in Dubai will save your time and money and lets you continue to do most of your time.

Decide the type of car you want to rent

Many sports car rental in Dubai lets you hire a car at budget-friendly prices. You can only enjoy your rental car if you get it as per your requirement and choice. So it’s better to confirm what type and the brand car you want on rent. You can decide by a number of people, your budget, and your favorite brand’s car. However, if you are a family of four to five, renting a larger car will give you comfort and trouble-free long-distance travel.

Insurance plays a significant role

Most car rental companies offer third-party insurance at the time of renting a car. However, you should go for full-term insurance for peace of mind. If you are a credit cardholder, you take the benefit because many credit card companies cover optional rental car damage.

Drive on the right lane

Just like other European countries, you have to drive in the right lane. If you can’t, you should practice before renting a car. Or hiring a car driver is another option.

Are you eligible to ride a car?

To rent a car in Dubai, one should follow the eligibility criteria. As a tourist, you should be 21 years old and 18 years, as a resident. Also, you should hold a valid driving license as you can not rent a car with a local driving license. Make sure you have an international driving license for driving.

Navigation signs

Dubai has well-maintained roads to drive cars, but there are some driving rules that everyone has to follow. There is a well-written navigation board that states the direction for the site in English and Arabic.

If you are going to Dubai for the first time, you can use the online service Google maps to know the navigations while driving.

Violating laws while driving leads to severe punishment

There is a speed limit to drive a car or any heavy vehicle that ranges between 100 to 120 km/h. And if you are driving through the urban area, it should not go beyond 60km/h. Once you are caught violating driving or any laws in public, it can lead to a fine or punishment.

Parking in Dubai

You can not park a car anywhere on the road where parking a vehicle is prohibited. There are some parking zones available wherever you go. Also, make sure to pay parking tariffs to avoid hefty fines. You can pay these charges by ticket machines or via an online service. Also, if your vehicle extends the parking hour, you may have to pay a fine, so make sure to renew parking tickets if you are getting late. Free parking zones are also available in Dubai.

Drive inside the UAE only

Most car rental companies let you drive within UAE and quickly take you from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and other places. However, crossing the UAE border with a rental car is prohibited.

Always inspect the car before leaving the rental zone

Well, most car rental companies maintain and care for the car. However, you must review the car, in and out, before leaving the rental area. There might be a possibility of damage to the car or any scratch. If you find any damage confirm it with the company to avoid further complications. One of the ways is to click the 4 to 5 pictures from various angles, in and out.

Bottom line

Renting a car in Dubai is always worth your time and money. All the above rental tips are timeless and would be helpful for you to make your car rental experience satisfying.

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