Windows 11 fails: It does not aim to have a good year-end

Windows 11 fails: It does not aim to have a good year-end

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February 12, 2022

The launch of Windows 11 became a reality since last October 5 worldwide with its launch. However, after two months, the installation results obtained are not the most expected by the company.

Normally, you don’t always get off to a flying start with launching a product, app, or even a program. However, we are talking about Microsoft, the largest company and the most widely used operating system on computers today. So it is interesting to know what is going on and why nobody is updating their Windows.

If you want to know a little more about the current situation that Windows 11 is experiencing, stay with us. We will evaluate the situation a little, and we will remember some of the advances that this update has. Do you dare to update it?

Windows 11 fails:

The start of Windows 11 did not have the best predictions.

Since the launch, different experts have mentioned that Windows 11 would not have a fast takeoff. It is a reality that to date, there is still not even 90 percent of computers that have Windows 10. If this is the case with the predecessor of this operating system, there was little hope with this one that is just beginning.

Windows 10 was released in 2014, and to date, it is estimated that only 80% of users have it. This means that it has had a fairly slow installation pace, much slower than Windows 7 had.

However, in this case, it is expected to be much slower for a few key reasons, such as the following:

  • This new system launched in October does not have many updates that end up motivating the user.
  • The update requires minimum requirements that leave out many computers. Those with old processors like the Core 500 or even the Ryzen Zen 1.
  • The launch of this new Windows did not have enough promotion, and only 40% of users knew about the update.

Microsoft accepted its mistakes before launch

Before Windows 11 was made official, Microsoft had already made certain announcements about it. Among them, those confirming some failures that were taking place in the system days before the launch. They claimed they were working on offering the best to users.

These are some of the errors that the operating system could have moments before its launch:

  • The particular update had bugs within the widget panel where it ended up being blank and the lost content.
  • Within the search engine in the taskbar, you could not write texts, and it gave some flickers when opening.
  • Power consumption remained high.

Since then, Microsoft has been expected to continue its work on these types of bugs and improve. So you could have a new operating system that works in the best way and offers high performance to the user.

Are users waiting a little longer?

In our previous article, related to the launch of this operating system, we gave some recommendations in this regard. Among these, we can mention that the update time was one. It was clear that this system would arrive with some bugs, so waiting for its fix would be the best.

Many users are still waiting for the total security of what Microsoft offers with this Windows. Despite the need to be in the future with all possible updates, making this change is not light.

So one of the possibilities for this delay in adoption by the new Windows may be related to this. Users hope that trust will grow and a better relationship can establish with this update. The ideal is to ensure that all the bugs above are already resolved, and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Windows 11 fails in its first months

Sample of this, the information gathered by Lansweeper that has left many open-mouthed with the results. After surveys and studies, it has been determined that less than 0.5% have adopted the new Windows on their computers.

The study he conducted includes more than 10 million computers around the world and mentions that this Windows 11 series is currently in fifth place among those launched by Microsoft. Clearly behind some like Windows XP, 8 or 10, which is at the top of the list.

What is behind the Windows 11 failure?

Behind the failure that this new window is having, there are some compelling reasons. As Go Click On IT Store mentioned initially, one of them is the lack of trust. Another is the time and the minimum requirements. All this together ensures that millions of users do not end up doing this update to their computers.

The start menu is another of the visual and usability aspects that many users have not liked. Users want the functionality to be easy to follow and seamless to use. However, these are issues that Microsoft will address over time.

On the other hand, as we mentioned, practically the minimum update requirements exclude many users. Those with pre-2018 CPUs won’t be able to upgrade from Windows 10. So Windows 11 owes its failure to this set of elements in these early months.

What are the relevant updates for this operating system?

We will show you a list of some of this new operating system’s updates. If you don’t know them yet, you can make your evaluation and decide if you want to update or not. The truth is that many users are still waiting to make the change on their computers.

These are some of the main changes you can find in this new version of Windows.

  • The start menu has a new look; it will not be like the one we have known for more than a decade. It will not be in the corner of the screen now. It will be in the center of the monitor. In addition to this, it has updates to be simplified and to be able to customize it as desired.
  • Virtual desktops also come with interesting changes. They can be customized, make changes to applications and programs, have different backgrounds.
  • You will count on many new fonts, totally renewed for the Office package that we know. Generally, this program has been using the same font system for more than 15 years. So now you can have new models and designs that you like or that may be more useful.
  • It will be possible to have updates and changes in the different default applications that the computer brings. One of them is the update of programs such as Paint, Mail, Photos, and others of the most used. In this way, it will be possible to promote their use.
  • The multiple screens are another of the great changes and have achieved users’ positive assessment. Usually, the screen could be divided into two equal sections; this will now have more options. You’ll be able to divide the screen into three sections or even 4 to work more comfortably.
  • The changes will also come to desktop icons, where they will be updated for better visibility. These have generally been around since Windows XP and 95 were released, so new options are coming. You will be able to customize the color of the yellow folders and have better possibilities.

The work that Microsoft is doing with Windows 11 is to change its image. It seeks to enter the future and visually offer a new way of seeing the system to the user who uses it. However, this still falls short for many, so it doesn’t end up being a compelling reason to switch.

Time will determine the success of Windows 11

Who will be able to determine the takeoff of Windows 11 as the operating system of the future is going to be time. We must not forget that barely two months have passed since its launch, so at least a year will have to wait. In this way, it will be possible to determine if the growth is the best or, without a doubt, this operating system is a failure.

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